artisan sourdough loaves baked in northern michigan
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Northern Michigan's first artisan bread company, Stone House Bread was founded in 1995 by former Detroit newsman Robert Pisor who for years had sought the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. His crusty loaves, made with organic flour, well water and sea salt are hand-formed, allowed to rise slowly and baked in a steam-injected German oven. They can be found on shelves of groceries and specialty food stores and on restaurant tables throughout northwest Michigan. Our promise is the freshest bread in the North, made with the finest organic flour—fragrant, crusty loaves with the sweet tang of sourdough. The baguettes and boules that emerge from our venerable Matador oven (built in Stuttgart when John Kennedy was president) will prompt memories of morning walks in Paris and Rome. We believe you'll say, with celebration: Now that's an honest loaf of bread! Organic wheatberries, cold well water, and a careful measure of sea salt are the foundation stones of Stone House Bread. With these riches, our unique sourdoughs—built in the clean, crisp air of Leelanau County—can work alchemic miracles: home heart aromas, caramelized crusts, and tangy tastes. Every loaf is hand formed, and proofed in willow baskets or Belgian linen. No sugar, no molasses, no eggs, no milk, no preservatives, no additives. No fooling.

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